Pantone Spring/Summer 2015

Posted on March 16, 2015

I always look forward to reading Pantone’s color reports each season.  Perusing the color combinations and fashion designers take on the new season gets the creativity flowing, especially after a long winter! The jury is still out on their decision to name Marsala the 2015 color of the year. Marsala seems dark and unwelcoming  and while I appreciate the earthy tone, I haven’t found a way to incorporate it into jewelry designs. I’m still working on it, so stay tuned, you may see some marsala yet. For now, I’ll leave you with a photo of Blake Lively in Marsala. Because she can wear anything and make it look good.


Source: Glamour Magazine


Aside from Marsala, I am completely on board Pantone Spring/Summer 2015! This spring/summer will center around soft and ethereal tones (dusk blue), with complimentary neutrals (toasted almond, glacier gray), pops of cheerful brights (custard, tangerine), vintage accents (lucite green, strawberry ice), and classic anchors (classic blue). I can’t wait to start designing! Here is an inspiration board featuring my favorite items of clothing, dresses (with lots of ruffles of course!)

Spring-and-Summer-2015-ColorsImage Sources (from top left) : Green Chiffon Dress / Blue Tulle / Dior Ruffles – Source Unknown / Emily Blunt, Harper Bazaar /Zuhair Murad, Tangerine pleats (source unkown) / Toasted Almond Backless / Grey Ruffles / Peter Som, Classic Blue / Strawberry Ice 

Colors of Winter: Caramel, Black and Teal

Posted on February 24, 2015

I love brown and black together. Especially in the wintertime. A rich caramel mixed with glamorous black is classic and regal. Color combinations like these fade away in summer so we must wear them while we can.

Brown and Black /

Brown and Black /

Photo Sources (from top left to right) : 1 / 2 /  3 (Source Unknown) / 4 / 5

Colors of Winter : Grey, Ocean Blue, Black

Posted on February 9, 2015

Yesterday, we ventured just across the bridge from Portland to Mackworth Island to show a visiting friend the “scenic views” of Portland and Casco Bay. We didn’t take into account the impending snowstorm that was closing in and the views we promised were non-existent. Our faces, feet and fingers were frozen but even in the bitter wind and waist deep snow drifts, it was refreshing and beautiful. While most of the colors in winter are varying muted shades of grey and white, my friend Kennesaw ( remember her wedding shower? ) was wearing the perfect ocean blue hat which promoted this inspiration board of winter colors. Now onto the complimentary jewelry design!

Sources (from top) : Photo by Meg Hannan / Blue Umbrella Central Park /  Paintbrush / Le Consulat (source unknown) / Jaguar / Photo by Meg Hannan

Weddings by Meg Hannan Designs

Posted on January 9, 2015

Wedding jewelry is the most fun to design. For me, creating jewelry is always all about the color and weddings are full of color! From the soft neutrals of grey and ivory to spring green and aubergine, it is always a joy working with each bride to design pieces that match their vision of their special day.


Sarah was married in Vail, Colorado in late summer. Soft ivory, grey and light splashes of pale sage green were the focal points and they looked beautiful against the majestic backdrop of the mountains. The first set of photos below is the inspiration board I made to design the jewelry. The second set is the finished product, enjoy! If you are interested in learning more about Meg Hannan Designs custom wedding jewelry, please contact

Sarah Wedding Inspiration Board


Sarah Actual wedding

Behind the Jewels: Hanoi Necklace

Posted on October 1, 2014

When, in the depths of the winter of 2014, the Athropologie catalog arrived on my doorstep, I wanted to be anywhere but Maine. The colors! The textures! The vibrant life of Vietnam! I loved it all. (see their lookbook video here) What better way to put dreams into reality (and by reality, I mean, something tactile that I can create by hand) than by making a piece of jewelry with the colors I adored. I love that the Hanoi necklace not only incorporates the brights of Vietnam but also is reminiscent of the soft cornflower blue of Edinburgh’s streets and the smooth green on a vintage VW van.
Hanoi Necklace, Behind the Jewels / Coveting Color

1 / 2 / 3 (Source Unknown) / 4


Posted on June 25, 2014

It is finally, dare I say it, summertime in Maine. Sweaters are only needed in the cool evening (such is the Maine way) and all colors are coming up BLUE.  Last weekend at the beach, I even saw some turquoise seas and it felt like we were in the Caribbean….almost. Personalities are anything but blue since we’ve been waiting for this warm weather for F-O-R-E-V-E-R, but color wise, my mind is just obsessed with blue. So today, lets draw some inspiration from blue, in particular, ocean blue. Is there any better kind?


Dahlia Earrings: Behind the Jewels

Posted on May 21, 2014

My love for Dahlias began with the Dahlia man. He had a booth at the weekly farmers market with his precious pots of Dahlia “ladies,” each one affectionately named after the women in his life. The Dahlia man had nothing but adoration and respect for the namesakes of his beautiful flowers. Naturally, when I first met him, I wanted to buy bouquets and bouquets of his gorgeous blooms. I’ve always loved flowers but these Dahlia’s were the most colorful flowers I had ever seen, each one intricate and unique. I was limited to one (maybe, two) Dahlia’s per week and each time the Dahlia man carefully packaged up each bloom for me with the care and precision you would think required for a much bigger purchase. I left the farmers market with my beautiful purchase and never without a story about the Dahlia origins to go with it.  I’ve loved Dahlia’s ever since those market days many, many years ago.


Image sources, from top left: Hot Pink Dahlia / Blush Gown / Pink Feathers / Dahlia Earrings / Georgianna Lane Dahlia / Wedding Dress

Hydrangea Necklace: Behind the Jewels

Posted on May 18, 2014

Growing up, my moms green thumb meant that many of my first introductions to color were through flowers.  Morning glories welcomed me in the morning, daffodils provided a playful activity, and each summer, I waited patiently for the Hydrangeas to bloom, always trying to predict what color they would be. Hydrangeas make quite the statement, each colorful sphere composed of delicate petals in varying shades of blue, purple, pink or white. The glass beads used in the Hydrangea necklace are reminiscent of these four leafed petals. The color of the glass alternates between a pale blue and soft lavender depending on the clothes it is paired with. Just like its namesake, which can last as fresh stems in a vase or preserved in dried bouquets, the Hydrangea necklace will transcend the seasons.


Images sources, from top left: Hydrangeas / Blue Cotton Source – Source Unknown / Hydrangea / Valentino Lace Dress / Van Gogh Painting / Hydrangea Necklace