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Hydrangea Necklace: Behind the Jewels

Posted on May 18, 2014

Growing up, my moms green thumb meant that many of my first introductions to color were through flowers.  Morning glories welcomed me in the morning, daffodils provided a playful activity, and each summer, I waited patiently for the Hydrangeas to bloom, always trying to predict what color they would be. Hydrangeas make quite the statement, each colorful sphere composed of delicate petals in varying shades of blue, purple, pink or white. The glass beads used in the Hydrangea necklace are reminiscent of these four leafed petals. The color of the glass alternates between a pale blue and soft lavender depending on the clothes it is paired with. Just like its namesake, which can last as fresh stems in a vase or preserved in dried bouquets, the Hydrangea necklace will transcend…

Jungle Necklace: Behind the Jewels

Posted on May 1, 2014

Lime green and ocean blue. Bright, but oh so fun! It’s funny how sometimes the naming process for a piece might have very little to do with the photos the inspired it. The lime green and (almost) teal reminded me of a jungle with lush foliage and cool blue water. Yet, as I pulled together other images it was mostly desert cacti. Two drastically different environments served as inspiration for the Jungle Necklace.   Image Sources from top left: Cacti Planters / Jungle Necklace / Flowers by Leaf and Honey via Magnolia Rouge / Sanguaro National Park, Tucson, AZ. Pinterest (original source unknown)/ Samoa

Yellow Umbrella Earrings: Behind the Jewels

Posted on April 26, 2014

The Yellow Umbrella earrings needed to be made. I was looking through my large pile of magazines (note: there is always a large pile of magazines in my room) and found the Longchamp ad with Alexa Chung. Bright yellow! Turquoise! Spring! How can this be made into jewelry? I browsed my boards on Pinterest and came across the Yellow Umbrella photo. It was perfect. The turquoise sea topped off by the circular yellow umbrellas. I used turquoise glass beads as the base in the earrings with yellow bone from South Africa (purchased 7 years ago while studying abroad, just waiting to be used!) as the cluster (or, yellow umbrella) on top.  Voila!   Image Sources: Yellow Umbrella Earrings / Pinterest /

Bridal Shower

Posted on April 26, 2014

Last weekend, we road tripped from Portland, Maine to Connecticut for a sweet bridal shower in honor of my dear friend Kennesaw. Before making the trip down to Connecticut, everyone decided to try on necklaces to match their outfits (it might have had something to do with me…) but I loved how great the necklaces worked with everyones different styles! Necklaces, from left to right: Flamingo Necklace / Hanoi Necklace / Sea Lavender Necklace

Virginia Spring

Posted on April 26, 2014

I traveled back home to Virginia for a family wedding a couple weeks ago. While it rained most of the time, I did get to experience all the springtime blooms and even some 70+ degree temperatures! Hard to beat Springtime in Virginia. Maine – I’m waiting…

Fall Photo Shoot

Posted on February 15, 2014

This was probably the best impromptu photo shoot I’ve ever seen. Dianna makes any jewelry even more beautiful, but I think my Fall/Winter designs fit her especially well. Of course, I’m a bit biased. Image sources, from top left: Boulevard Earrings – Lapis / Mint Mojito Earrings / Baja Necklace / Queen Annes Lace Earrings / Stonewall Necklace / Elaine Earrings – Tourmaline